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Ask a PC expert: AMD Radeon vs. Nvidia GeForce graphics cards

In this video, we attempt to answer the eternal question: AMD or Nvidia?

You won’t find fanboy histrionics here. Instead, PCWorld graphics guru Brad Chacos tackles some of the key platform differences between AMD’s Radeon graphics cards and Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs. You’ll learn about driver quality (spoiler: They’re both great), adaptive sync monitor support, the exclusive allure of real-time ray tracing, bang-for-buck considerations, and more.

You should read our guide to the best graphics cards for PC gaming for concrete product recommendations, but hopefully this high-level overview helps you understand some of the key differences between AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

We’re trying out a new format here, responding to common questions we receive on our Full Nerd podcast. If you like it let us know!

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