Businessman holding shield protect icon. Concept about protection from hacking
Businessman holding globe with data connections

Business people joining together to touch cloud cut-out

Gartner: 5 key areas to address when devising an effective cloud computing strategy

Cloud computing affects every aspect of IT and the business, so organisations need a strategy and decision process to manage its impacts. IT leaders should address five key areas to decrease their organisation’s cloud risks and...

A group of business people hands are cupping a young plant. Climate change concept

Tackling scope 3 through collaboration

Organisations have their plans to achieve net-zero emissions but they need to also address the challenge of Scope 3 emissions.

A graduation hat on top of a blue book next to rolled up paper with a red bow. Graduation concept

The future of tech relies on humanities degrees

The evolving tech industry has long been alluring to young professionals, with many pursuing STEM-focused degrees to safeguard their future career prospects. This has led to a sentiment that humanities degrees could be a less...

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