Table top view of multicultural schoolchildren building robots – STEM education concept
Man using mobile phone and laptop computer with international currencies – FinTech, Global business

Figurine of businessman reading a paper while sitting on coin stack

CIOs and CFOs must increase financial literacy

Finance leaders complain of poor fiduciary knowledge amongst IT teams but must play a role in educating techs and peers.

Background illustration of the internet protocol ipv6

Bridging the IPv6 skills gap

It’s no exaggeration that the scalable future of the internet lies in the IPv6. Operating systems already come with IPv6 enabled by default and we have also seen a growing use of IPv6 with smart homes and Internet of Things which...

3d render cobot robotic arm… Digital twin industrial technology

Mitigating outages with a digital twin and chaos engineering

Digital transformation and the rise of remote working have heightened the demands on IT infrastructure over the last year. This has in turn, increased the importance of maintaining uptime to prevent disruption to services and avoid...

Food market in smartphone, a service for delivery app concept

Highly customised tech stacks the key to unlocking £200 billion UK online grocery market

Alexander Graf, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of marketplace experts Spryker, explains why a composable approach will significantly improve a grocer's ability to deliver first-class CX.

Quantum computer technology concept, man in suit holding shining yellow cosmic orb

Paving the path for the quantum era

Dr Ray O. Johnson, CEO of the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) discusses the potential opportunities of quantum computing for the Middle East.

Hands of an exhausted businessman in mudra close up view, highlighting meditation in office

The importance of building a mindful work culture: mental health beyond hybrid work

Amidst the UK’s pilot trial of a four-day work week, statistics around employee health and wellbeing remain worrisome. While the four-day work week could show positive improvements on mental health, questions remain around whether or...

Many crumpled papers on desk of a stressed male employee

The power of async in managing stress in the hybrid work era

Working asynchronously can overcome new types of stress that have emerged in the hybrid work era, such as burnout, toxic productivity, and the need for validation. Companies with the right set of technological tools and workplace...

Hands holding green happy smiley face

How leaders can support IT staff wellbeing in a post-Covid world

As businesses settle into hybrid working, how can leaders better support employee wellbeing? Helena Nimmo, CIO at Endava, outlines four things that business leaders can do to implement a long-term sustainable hybrid working model that...

A criminal lock on a cloud that’s stuck behind chains with a red binary background

Hacking the cloud: why APIs are now a top threat

The Application Programming Interface (API) is now integral to many services but it’s also a key target for attackers. Jason Kent, Hacker in Residence at Cequence Security, looks at why insecure APIs are now topping threat charts.

Data protection blocks

Building continuous data protection against ransomware attacks

The largest ransomware attack in history - WannaCry - tore across the globe in 2017, infecting a quarter million machines in more than 150 countries. Since then a lot has changed in the world of ransomware, but have we learnt anything?...

lightbulb brainstorming creative idea abstract icon on business hand

It's time to re-educate our approach to education & training

All forms of education and training add to the diversity of skills and capabilities that make up a technology or leadership team

Android robot holding binary code key

Contextual AI holds the key to its business value

Through pattern detection, machine learning is already transforming business processes by making sense of and automatically capturing and filing incoming content. Yet it is only when intelligent process automation is applied with...

A hand holding digital symbols for dollars for online commerce & finance

Asia seeks to adopt ecommerce and embedded finance to boost innovation

Embedded finance has integrated seamlessly into the fintech landscape in recent years, having a strong impact on B2B companies who have been able to use the technology to modernise their financial processes. How has embedded finance...

Tablet displaying many technology elements, cloud/servers/icons are being observed by an eye

Why all organisations can access the benefits of observability 

No matter the organisation, the IT tech stack is getting more complex by the day. To manage these demands businesses are grappling for the resources and skills to manage their digital infrastructure, maintain uptime, and keep on the...

People having a meeting in executive conference room with cityscape as the background

How to communicate risk to the board: the ‘Goldilocks’ approach

Boards care about risk – while boards are getting more IT-savvy members to cope with the challenges and changes that are taking place around their businesses, they really care about risk. Boards and executives are now approaching...

A progress bar for 'New Skill' is loading

Is a low digital quotient holding your business back?

Jez Ward, Head of Advisory and Executive Cloud Advisor at Cloudreach, discusses how IT leaders can develop Digital Quotient within a business and provides a few tips on ways organisations can educate their workforce.

Red cubes say the phrase no code against a green chip background

How no-code test automation closes the skills gap & accelerates digital transformation

Christian Brink Frederiksen, CEO and Co-Founder at Leapwork looks at why so many companies are failing to successfully adopt and scale test automation, and how no-code test automation can help.

Graphic image of four different people stressed about work and a giant clock is in the middle that i

Heading for stressful times? Here’s how to get ahead of them

The current economic situation is looking precarious. The impact of events like the pandemic and the war in Ukraine are affecting markets, and has led to predictions of recession. How can IT teams plan ahead for these kinds of trends...

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