Businessman holding globe with data connections
Business people joining together to touch cloud cut-out

A group of business people hands are cupping a young plant. Climate change concept

Tackling scope 3 through collaboration

Organisations have their plans to achieve net-zero emissions but they need to also address the challenge of Scope 3 emissions.

A graduation hat on top of a blue book next to rolled up paper with a red bow. Graduation concept

The future of tech relies on humanities degrees

The evolving tech industry has long been alluring to young professionals, with many pursuing STEM-focused degrees to safeguard their future career prospects. This has led to a sentiment that humanities degrees could be a less...

A businessman looks through binoculars for a target. Eyes on goal focused concentration

Building the role of Chief Focus Officer

Whilst employees are unanimous in loving the additional flexibility of hybrid working, they would also likely admit to having to combat new distractions that sap productivity – whether that’s blocking out the sound of kids when...

Illustration of a man with laptop against a background of multiple screens of people

Five key learnings when managing a globally distributed workforce

More and more organisations are turning to a distributed workforce, but doing so is not without challenges. Spryker’s People & Culture VP Elise Mueller, offers best practice guidance on how to manage a globally distributed workforce.

Abstract giving hand with cogwheels. Hyperautomation concept

Hyperautomation without the hype

Since it was named the number one strategic technology trend in 2020, hyperautomation is predicted to generate a global addressable market of almost $600 billion in 2022. For firms seeking to enhance their competitive edge and exploit...

Geometry equipment on white background space

Reflecting on a record summer and new tools

Our CIO watcher brushes up on geometry and learns what it means to deliver change and working in new ways

Illustration of two boats hanging from puzzle pieces that connect. Teamwork and partnership concept

The future for digital sovereignty - why it calls for a fresh IT/Marketing partnership

Mindsets around digital sovereignty are changing. You can see this in the approach that two of the largest open source projects take; while WordPress is aimed at the widest possible audience, and making it possible for anyone to build...

There is a lock against a dark blue background. concept of cybersecurity.

Strengthening cybersecurity with digital twin thinking

Neo4j’s Maya Natarajan explains how graph technology can help you potentially get ahead of the hackers

Illustration of people working with a huge hourglass & clock. Productivity concept

Ensuring productivity in the 4-day work week

According to a survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of NatWest Rapid Cash, the majority of employers in the UK believe that a four-day working week will become the norm before 2030, a rapid shift that will require major internal...

Running robot humanoid showing fast movement. Concept of automation race

The automation race: What can be learnt from the regions rapidly adopting automation?

The automation market is seeing unprecedented growth but adoption across geographies is far from uniform. The UK, the Netherlands/Belgium, the Nordics, and DACH are automation hotspots of Europe, but why are these regions so quick to...

Businessman walking on twisted rope high in sky

Removing security complexity to combat cyber threats

Businesses are struggling with an overwhelming, and increasingly complex and confusing cyber world. Ian McShane, Field CTO at Arctic Wolf looks at how cyber simplicity is the key for businesses to move forward with their security...

Man's hand puts the wooden cubes with quality warranty icon on wooden cubes with grey background

Why you need to bring your QA team in earlier

Quality Assurance shouldn't be seen as the scary gatekeeper that sits at the end of a product development process. It should be embedded right the way through it.

Illustration of a businessman sitting on a burning match. Symbol of burn out

Why are so many people burning out of the “sexiest job of the 21st Century”?

New research has found that 97% of data professionals are feeling burned out in their day-to-day jobs, and 79% are considering leaving the industry altogether. With a major shortage of skilled data scientists in the market as it is,...

Table top view of multicultural schoolchildren building robots – STEM education concept

How to boost youth skills in the tech industry

Technology experts discuss how the industry is working to boost youth skills, and the importance of upskilling young people to help close the widening tech skills gap.

Man using mobile phone and laptop computer with international currencies – FinTech, Global business

How can access to financial infrastructure impact global expansion success?

Global trade might have opened up global business opportunities, but to take full advantage businesses need to be digital-ready from top to bottom. Pranav Sood, General Manager EMEA at Airwallex explains why digital payments...

Figurine of businessman reading a paper while sitting on coin stack

CIOs and CFOs must increase financial literacy

Finance leaders complain of poor fiduciary knowledge amongst IT teams but must play a role in educating techs and peers.

Background illustration of the internet protocol ipv6

Bridging the IPv6 skills gap

It’s no exaggeration that the scalable future of the internet lies in the IPv6. Operating systems already come with IPv6 enabled by default and we have also seen a growing use of IPv6 with smart homes and Internet of Things which...

3d render cobot robotic arm… Digital twin industrial technology

Mitigating outages with a digital twin and chaos engineering

Digital transformation and the rise of remote working have heightened the demands on IT infrastructure over the last year. This has in turn, increased the importance of maintaining uptime to prevent disruption to services and avoid...

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