News Roundup: Marriott discloses major data breach - but they're not alone

News Roundup: Marriott discloses major data breach - but they're not alone

A roundup of this week's technology news including more Facebook woes, Huawei in trouble and data breaches galore.

Marriott suffers large-scale data breach

Okay, so technically the story we're opening with today took place last week. However, because I was away when the news broke, the rules permit its inclusion - especially because it broke through the fourth wall and was being discussed by techies and non-techies alike.

Anyway, as the subheading has already told you: its Marriott's data breach resulting in 500 million guests having their data compromised.

The breach was announced last Friday, after hackers were able to infiltrate the database of Marriott International, the parent company of a number of hotel chains such as Sheraton and Westin. According to reports, the company was first made aware of the breach in early September after and further investigation showed that an unauthorised party had been accessing the Starwood network since 2014. Investigators looking into the hack have claimed the Chinese authorities are responsible.

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