From 5G to cybersecurity: Here's our global highlights from 2018
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From 5G to cybersecurity: Here's our global highlights from 2018

Every year December seems to creep upon us, and the only thing more inevitable than last minute Christmas shopping are the conversations about ‘how quickly this year's gone by'. True to form, our Christmas shopping remains unfinished, and it feels like only yesterday we were sharing our 2017 global highlights with you.

But another year has passed us by, meaning it's time to look back again at the most interesting content we've posted this year.

So, without further ado, on the fifth day of Christmas IDG Connect gave to me...


FIVE security rings!

What should you know to handle a cybersecurity crisis?

Why CSOs should take mainframe security more seriously

High profile hacks: the investment view

How a vulnerability disclosure policy lets hackers help you

How can companies close the cybersecurity gap?


Four (or more) AI calling birds

What should you know about mixed reality?

Are chatbots really transforming business?

How banking is adopting and using AI technology

How ethical do we want AI to be?

How machine learning can help manufacturing

How AI is impacting the creative industries

Is the Cloud the key to democratizing AI?

The future of work: how to navigate the augmented workforce


Three GDPR-compliant French hens

GDPR-based extortion could be the next cybercrime trend

What does Whatsapp's new business API mean for data privacy?

Why GDPR means Smart Cities need to move on from an ‘Open Data' approach


Two 5G turtle doves

Handset makers in race for 5G

Nations jostle for 5G leadership


And some more great content in a pear tree

Free vs open source software - what's the difference?

What does the future look like for women in tech?

Is the world ready for the end of excel?

Is the influence of Gartner, IDC, and Forrester on CIOs waning?

Are governments doing enough to regulate new tech?

How to (really) evaluate a developer's skillset

Will cryptocurrencies ever overtake conventional currencies?

Getting DevOps right

What does ethical and transparent data use look like?


To finish off, here's a little Christmas bonus:

IDG Connect's top 10 most popular stories of 2018

1. A c-suite guide to blockchain 2018

2. Programming languages to avoid learning in 2018

3. Everything you need to know about… Blockchain

4. Mark Shuttleworth's next mission: making private clouds affordable

5. How a Washington crackdown on Huawei could backfire for everyone

6. Blockchain for Dummies: What you really need to know

7. How banking is adopting and using AI technology

8. How tractor seller John Deere became a technology company

9. IT careers: How to become a blockchain engineer

10. Why blockchain isn't magic and it won't fix every problem you have


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