DataOps: the next DevOps, or just another overhyped buzzword?
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DataOps: the next DevOps, or just another overhyped buzzword?

As an organisational and technological approach, DevOps has driven a lot of gains for enterprise organisations since the concept was first introduced about a decade ago. Bringing an agile, more automated approach to application development and cohesively structuring development and IT operations teams closer together has undoubtedly changed the game for many organisations in terms of their application development lifecycles.

DevOps has spawned a range of well-known advantages including continuous software delivery, faster updates, improved communications environments, and more productive and innovative teams. While DevOps is now a bit of a business IT mainstay, with the rise of Big Data and analytics as important functions of an enterprise organisation's bottom line, is there room to make a similar ‘DevOps-esque' approach to the management, provisioning and governance of data?

This - fundamentally - is what underpins the notion of DataOps, a concept of rising relevance that makes a case for a more agile approach to a business's use of data. DataOps - like DevOps - is an umbrella term describing a range of related technologies and processes employed by an organisation to boost data productivity and management.

Originally coined in 2015, DataOps is now approaching its three year anniversary and has been generating a fair amount of interest in recent years from a variety of organisations. But just how much of that interest is translating to tangible adoption and what does a successful DataOps approach look like?

What is DataOps?

While loosely defined, DataOps essentially refers to aligning the people, processes and technology of an organisation in such a way that data can be more easily gathered, provisioned, and actioned upon, making it readily available to everyone in the data supply chain (including developers, data scientists, business analysts, and DevOps professionals amongst others).

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