News Roundup: Huawei Mate X talk of the town at MWC 2019

News Roundup: Huawei Mate X talk of the town at MWC 2019

A roundup of this week's technology news including more GDPR fines on the horizon, Thai cybersecurity laws and controversy on Kids YouTube.

Foldable phones: Huawei vs. Samsung

Last week we bought you news of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. This week, in the wake of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, many techies have been left saying "Samsung Galaxy Who?" after Huawei revealed its hotly anticipated rival foldable handset at a press conference on Sunday.

While the Samsung offering was undoubtedly impressive upon release, many were quick to comment about the small size of the front screen and the bulkiness of the phone when folded. By contrast, the Huawei Mate X boasts two front screens of 6.8" and 6.6", an 8" screen when completely unfolded and a thickness of 11mm when shut. Not only are its stats impressive, it also comes with a snappy tagline: ‘The world's fastest folding 5G phone'. (Try saying that after drinking several glasses of Sangria.)

If this is an accurate representation of the competition, it underlines just what a great job Huawei has done with its industrial design on its #Foldable. #MWC19

— Ben Wood (@benwood) February 24, 2019

However, despite having Samsung beat in practically every category, the audible gasps from the press conference attendees when the price was revealed implies that it might not be a complete whitewash for the Chinese telecom giant. At €2,299 - nearly €300 more than the already rather pricey Samsung Galaxy Fold - the Huawei Mate X is unlikely to appeal to your average consumer.

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