News Roundup: Huawei calls Trump's bluff by launching legal action against the US government

News Roundup: Huawei calls Trump's bluff by launching legal action against the US government

Huawei sues US government

Riding high from the positive feedback the Huawei Mate X received last week, the Chinese telecoms company decided to step up its headline grabbing antics this week by announcing it is suing the US government. As you do.

Playing President Donald ‘I threatened critics with litigation 500 times during the past decade' Trump at his own game, at a press conference on Thursday the company announced it had filed a lawsuit in US district court, alleging that the American government's ban on its products is unconstitutional. 

It's unlikely this tactic will work - Kaspersky tried and failed to overturn a federal ban on its products last year. However, while calling the bluff of its global detractors is a bold move, Huawei risk escalating the already fraught tensions between the US, China and also Canada where the company's CFO is still awaiting extradition. 

For those of you who are wondering how it got to this point, the tl;dr version is that under China's national intelligence law, the company would be required to cooperate with Chinese authorities if asked, providing information to the government. Huawei's founder has constantly denied that the company has ever engaged in this kind of behaviour, and no one has every been able to produce any tangible proof to suggest he's lying. However, the knowledge that the company could potentially facilitate espionage on behalf of the Chinese government has been enough for international governments to actively block Huawei from becoming involved with their 5G efforts.

In addition to this legal action, the company has also taken out adverts in foreign press, deriding governmental attempts to shut them out - most notably a full-page advert in the Wall Street Journal where Huawei told readers "Don't believe everything you hear." The company has also opened up its Shenzhen-based labs to the global press in an attempt to improve transparency.

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