News Roundup: Are social media platforms fit for purpose?

News Roundup: Are social media platforms fit for purpose?

It's very difficult sitting down to write this week's news roundup in light of the events currently unfolding in New Zealand.

This week's news roundup will exist in its usual form however, I didn't feel that I could write it without first acknowledging the deaths of the 49 people in New Zealand and touching upon the uncomfortable and problematic relationships that Twitter, Facebook and YouTube currently have with extremist content. The attack was live streamed on Facebook, footage from which has now been, and continues to be, uploaded multiple times on YouTube. The alleged attacker had a, now deleted, Twitter account where he posted multiple photos of what appear to be machine gun magazines and a link to what is being described as a manifesto for his actions.

Over the last few years, these platforms have faced a barrage of criticism for their apparent reluctance to remove extremist content and the consequences of this are the loss of 49 lives in New Zealand. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter might claim they are not publishers, but their current moderation strategy is clearly not fit for purpose.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and survivors of the attack and the people of New Zealand.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffer outages

On Wednesday night, every influencer's worst nightmare was realised when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all suffered outages, leaving users unable to use the platforms. Facebook Messenger also went down, and the problems seemed to be centralised to users in the Americas and Europe.

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