News roundup: Samsung Fold review units breaking

News roundup: Samsung Fold review units breaking

With its status as the first truly foldable phone to hit the market, the Samsung Galaxy Fold captured the attention of many consumers around the world when it was fully announced back in February. However this week has not been great for the Korean hardware giant, as reports broke that review units of its innovative new device were breaking within days. One such case was flagged by the Verge's Dieter Bohn, who said he noticed a  fault in his device after just one day, while CNBC's Steve Kovach experienced some serious glitching in the same time frame. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman also tweeted about his ‘completely broken and unusable device' which he had only been using for two days.

Samsung swiftly released a statement addressing the reports, saying they were thoroughly inspecting the units that were found to have faults. It also mentioned that some reviewers had ‘removed the top layer of the display', causing damage. Gurman was one such reviewer, although he said it looked like any other protective film that covers new phone displays.

While it's useful to know that anyone who purchases the Fold should never remove the display's protective layer, it still leaves other reviewers with faulty phones who did no such thing. Definitely an alarming development for prospective buyers.


Chinese hacking

In a joint investigation between NPR and PBS, it was reported this week that technology theft and other unfair business practices originating out of China and targeting US organisations were largely being largely ignored by the victims of the attacks themselves. The report details that many US-based companies who were targeted by Chinese nation-state hacking groups were tracking the attacks but didn't want to come on public record against China, due to their business dealings in the country and the potential losses they could encounter as the result of a fallout.

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