Agile has changed the CIO & CTO role
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Agile has changed the CIO & CTO role

Agile is not just the preferred method of developers, a growing number of senior business technology leaders have become advocates of Agile. CIOs and CTOs reveal that as their role becomes increasingly customer focused, they have had to change their leadership style to embrace Agile and to lead in a totally different way.

Agile is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as: "quick-moving, nimble and active". The truth of enterprise technology is that for much of its early history, despite claims otherwise, technology did little to make a business nimble. Enterprise technology is complex and organisations are difficult beasts to manage, so the past is not entirely to blame.

The last decade has seen a set of truly rapid enterprise technology developments. Early adopters of cloud and mobile based technologies disrupted markets previously considered strong and stable, but as technology adoption was only part of the story, the move to continuous deployment enabled these challengers to reimagine markets, such as retail, travel, media and recruitment.

Agile as a methodology is the acceptance of change and uncertainty in projects, according to analyst house Gartner; a major departure from years of technology deployments following a rigid production line process, a method borrowed from manufacturing. 

Michelle M. Coelho, a research director at Gartner says Agile: "has nothing to do with technology. It's a mental shift in how we approach projects."

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Mark Chillingworth

Mark Chillingworth is a CIO and CTO journalist, ghost writer, moderator and advisor with over 11 years experience. From 2010 to 2016 he was Editor in Chief of the award-winning CIO UK. In 2011 he created the CIO 100, an annual transformation power list of the UK’s most influential CIOs and launched the UK’s first CIO Podcast in 2016.

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