News Roundup: China/US tensions rise as Trump bans tech from ''foreign adversaries''

News Roundup: China/US tensions rise as Trump bans tech from ''foreign adversaries''

Trump's National Emergency over ‘foreign IT'

US President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency over use of technology in the United States controlled by ‘'foreign adversaries''. The executive order effectively bans the use of technology believed to pose a risk to national security, meaning US organisations will be barred from using technology from certain vendors. While the order does not name any specific vendors that would be banned, the move is widely believed to target Huawei.

The order itself, according to a press statement from the White House, is designed "to protect America from foreign adversaries who are actively and increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology infrastructure and services in the United States." It will allow the Secretary of Commerce to prohibit transactions posing an "unacceptable" security risk to the US or its citizens.

In another development, alongside the executive order, the US commerce department put Huawei on its "entity list", meaning Chinese-tech giant will require government approval if it wants acquire technology from US organisations.

Huawei has responded to the national emergency, saying its work does not pose threats to the US and reinforcing its denial over ties to the Chinese government. In a Statement, the company said, "If the US restricts Huawei, it will not make the US safer, nor will it make the US stronger. It will only force the US to use inferior and expensive alternative equipment, lagging behind other countries... and ultimately harming US companies and consumers"

The two developments are just the most recent in a long line of anti-Huawei activity from western governments, largely led by the United States. The company has faced allegations of surveillance on behalf of the Chinese government, which it has always strongly denied. The executive order comes in the midst of rising tensions between the two superpowers, which are both currently engaged in an active trade war.

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