News roundup: Trump gives Huawei a green light, but conditions apply

News roundup: Trump gives Huawei a green light, but conditions apply

Huawei gets green light to work with US companies

US president Donald Trump has seemingly softened his stance on Huawei, announcing that American companies will continue to do business with the Chinese tech giant. While at the time, it wasn't exactly clear what Trump's comments were specifically pertaining to, a top White House aide commented on Sunday that Trump's decision will be in respect to products widely available around the world. This leaves out what the US views as the most sensitive equipment, which will reportedly remain off limits.

Of the developments, National Economic Council chairman Larry Kudlow said on Fox News Sunday, that commerce will be granted on additional licences where there is ‘general availability'

He said US microchip firms in particular "are selling products that are widely available from other countries… This is not a general amnesty… the national security concerns will remain paramount."

According to a report from Reuters, the partial lifting of restrictions was a key element of the agreement reach over the weekend between Trump and China's president Xi Jinping, to reopen stalled trade negotiations between the two countries.

At this stage though, the US government is reportedly still treating Huawei as blacklisted, according to another Reuters report citing an internal email from a senior US official to the Commerce Department's enforcement staff. So at this stage, it's still very much unclear the extend to when elements of the ban are lifted, and to what extent trade will resume.

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