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Human vs. Machine

Are you worried you’ll lose your job to a robot?

Security Threats 2013

What security threat are you most worried about in 2013?

Healthcare poll

How do you feel about future healthcare initiatives such as the 'intelligence toilet'?

2013 IT Trends

What do you think the biggest trend of 2013 will be?

Education poll

Do you agree with UK plans to scrap traditional ICT lessons in place of computer science lessons?


Is re-introducing the BBC microbit a good way to encourage kids into tech?”

Cookie Poll

Do you think the new EU cookie regulations are a positive development?

2011 security poll

How have you found the web security landscape in 2011?

HR Poll

Do you have a talent optimization strategy?

Software development poll

Are you currently developing mobile applications?



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?