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Mobile keyboards

Qwerty vs. touch screen – do mobile business users need a proper keyboard?


Would you buy a modular phone?

Intellectual Property

How important do you think protection of intellectual property rights is?

Virtual Assistants

Are Virtual Assistants such as Siri or Cortana likely to be adopted in the enterprise?

Personal tech poll

Would you use technology such as bionic contact lenses?

Watch vs Smartwtach

Which type of wearable do you prefer?

Budgets Poll

Will you be changing your approach to budgeting when preparing for 2013?

Apple Poll

Do you think Apple will be as successful in the future without Steve Jobs?


Is biometrics the answer to our security issues or just another technology waiting to be hacked?


Crowdfunding: Viable alternative to VC funding or glorified marketing?



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?