Africa trends 2018: Improved connectivity will drive tech

Increased connectivity will continue to spur four big tech trends on the African continent in 2018


Infrastructure Management

Why serverless deployment could be especially valuable to African businesses

Serverless deployment is the next frontier in app hosting. How can business in Africa benefit from this shift?


Can public Bitcoin mining be a revenue stream?

Major high traffic sites are already secretly mining crypto-currency. But is this a viable revenue stream?


Email Management

West African criminals are moving on from Nigerian Prince scams to duping your business

Emails about princes to personal emails have made way for fake supply chain invoices to your CFO.


Wireless Technologies

A business case for NarrowBand IoT in Africa

NB-IoT has been praised to be an ideal system to jumpstart IoT services. But are there business opportunities with this technology?


Business Management

Why African businesses need to be mindful of ICT legislation

Lack of knowledge around technology legislation could lead to future problems for African businesses


Data Mining

Africa needs data scientists: What will it take to train them?

What makes a good data science and how can African countries fill the shortage?



What is the potential for blockchain in Africa?

Blockchain is tipped to shake up industries across the globe… but the potential could be greatest in Africa


Social Networks

Afrinection aims to be a 'new LinkedIn' for African professionals

How one startup is providing a unique LinkedIn-like solution for Africans



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