Mobile Communications

Four important African social disaster management technologies

In times of disaster bespoke technology is the best way to unite people


Data Center

Seven things to know about datacentre deployment in Africa

A special summit collocated with Datacloud Europe 2017 addressed datacentres in Africa



Q&A with Flare: An ambulance app for Nairobi

How one startup is providing an Uber-like ambulance app for patients in Kenya


Networking & Communications

Smart Kigali: An IoT project to transform Rwanda

We spoke with Paul Gudonis, President, Inmarsat Enterprise, about smart initiatives in Rwanda



The thorny issue of internet freedom across Africa

Human right and internet freedom are loaded terms anywhere in the world but perhaps nowhere more so that in Africa


Data Replication

National Museums of Kenya begins 10,000 artefact digitisation initiative

The National Museums of Kenya sets out to digitise its archaeology and palaeontology collection


Human Resources

Anish Shivdasani on South African unemployment, UBI and dystopian tech

We speak to Anish Shivdasani, CEO of South African mobile recruitment service, Giraffe


What Facebook and Google are doing to improve connectivity in Africa

International tech companies are focusing on connectivity in developing regions


Data Mining

How IoT and Big Data are tackling Africa's problems

IoT projects in Africa are generating data that could help Africa deal with its biggest difficulties

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