Master Data Management

Brandon Faber (Africa) - Dude, Where's My Data?

With a number of high profile data breaches in the media, it was important than ever to be vigilant with your data. Brandon Faber, Marketing Manager for Cibecs,...



Will Mutua Mworia (Africa) - African Programmers Skill Pool: Survey Results

For Africa to make significant progress as a fledingly IT Nation, the programmers must be on-the-ground, innovating and building. Will Moria, founder of Afrinovator,...


Cloud Computing

Calum MacLeod (South Africa) - The Cloud Phenomenon as Musical Metaphors

Cloud computing is still a central buzzword when it comes discussions on security, networking and vitualisation. Calum MacLeod, EMEA Director for Venafi, shares...


Green Business

Frank McCosker (Africa) - New Innovations in IT Support: Environmental Sustainability in Africa

With rich resources, Africa is considered an important area for developing sustainability policies. Frank McCosker, Managing Director at Microsoft (GSA), discusses...


Mobile Communications

Kui Kinyanjui (Africa) - Improving the Mobile Sector in Africa

Africa relies on fuel-powered base stations to reach rural population.Kui Kinyanjui, employee of Business Daily, covers the importance these stations can have in...



Michel Cordani (Africa) - Mauritius: leading the way for ICT growth in Africa

Mauritius has made impressive progress up the ICT global rankings. Michel Cordani, regional director at Microsoft, discerns the key reasons as to why Mauritius has...


Will Mutua Mworia (Africa) - 3 Things Foreign Tech Startups Setting up in Africa Should Consider

Africa has the potential to be a region for tech innovation. Will Moria, founder of Afrinovator, discusses the 3 key points foreign startups should consider when...


Cloud Computing

Hennie Loubser (Africa) - Is Africa Ready for Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is fast becoming a universal trend - yet it might be a surprise as to what extent it is a reality in Africa. Hennie Loubser, Regional General Manager...


Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Hennie Loubser (Africa) - Who Will be the Next African BRIC(S) in the Wall?

The BRIC alliance welcomes South Africa as a fledingly nation. It might not be obvious on the surface as to why South Africa has joined the group.However, Hennie...


Business Management

Calum MacLeod (South Africa) - Security with a Smile: How IT is Implemented in South Africa

Regionally IT works very differently from place to place. Callum Macleod, EMEA Direcotr at Venafi, looks at how the cultural differences between South Africa and...



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