Franklin N. Nnebe - (Africa) Internet Infrastructure Trends in Africa

Africa has relied on mobile connectivity for internet information for several years. Franklin N. Nnebe, Managing Director of Nnebe Business Services Ltd, outlines...


Mobile Communications

Kui Kinyanjui (Africa) - Charting the Explosion of Africa's Mobile Phone Sector

Mobile phones have becoming increasingly popular in developing countries that do not have comprehensive internet networks. Kui Kinyanjui, Business Reporter at Business...


Master Data Management

Brandon Faber (Africa) - The Five Stages of Data Loss Grief: Formulate a Disaster Recovery Plan to Prevent Business Data Loss

An effective data backup plan does not just include your IT department. Brandon Faber, Marketing Manager for Cibecs, presents a 5-step prevention plan on dealing...



Callum Macleod (Africa) - Security Best Practices: Wise to Cut Spending in Poor Economic Conditions?

There is a risk that a cut in IT security spending will only leave the doors open to cyber crime. Callum Macleod, at Vanafi, argues that letting the cyber-guard...


Mobile Communications

David Willis (Africa) - How the African Mobile Revolution is Taking Training Online

In developing nations in Africa and elsewhere, mobile internet is enabling increased access to electronic learning. David Willis, Chief Technology Officer at ILX...


Cloud Computing

Brandon Faber (South Africa) - Cloud NEIN: Why enterprise CIOs do not want their data in the cloud

The arrival of Cloud computing has brought with it new opportunities, many of them offering cost-savings and convenience as an attractive benefit to businesses and...


Market Analysis

Harry Hare (Kenya) - My five predictions for 2011

Harry Hare's five predictions for IT in Africa in 2011


Master Data Management

Etien van Loggerenberg (South Africa) - Master Data Management

What separates successful South African businesses from ones less so regarding their Master Data Management?


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Basil Daniells (Africa) - Implementing ERP in Africa: What to Look Out For

Doing business in Africa can be notoriously challenging. IT infrastructure is still an issue despite improving at a rapid pace, the average skill level is relatively...


Brandon Faber (South Africa) - South Africa's "KING III" Report

Compared to an 8000 pound, legal gorilla like the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, King III comes across as something of a softie in the world of corporate governance....



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?