What Facebook and Google are doing to improve connectivity in Africa

International tech companies are focusing on connectivity in developing regions


Data Mining

How IoT and Big Data are tackling Africa's problems

IoT projects in Africa are generating data that could help Africa deal with its biggest difficulties


Networking & Communications

South Africa's latest Cabinet reshuffle could be an opportunity for ICT

Local South African tech initiatives have not advanced with global tech development – things need to change



Cinema chain hack sees data security take centre stage in South Africa

What does South Africa’s largest breach reveal about data security in Africa?



Cybersecurity must play catch up as more Kenyans move online

Reports have highlighted Kenya’s vulnerability to cyber attacks. Predictive technology could help secure businesses and government entities.

c-suite talk tech

Wireless Technologies

C-suite talk fav tech: Richard Walton, Avirtual

We profile the global c-suite to learn more about their ‘fav tech.



MFS Africa Q&A: Poor mobile interoperability hinders financial inclusion

Dare Okoudjou, founder and CEO of MFS Africa discusses the need for mobile interoperability across the continent



What is the impact of Africa's (many) internet shutdowns?

Internet shutdowns are becoming a worrying normal in Africa and are costing the economy



Ghanaian blockchain company looks to verify land ownership

Bitland aims to use blockchain to safeguard land title registrations.



JustElect is forging a path for electronic voting in Ghanaian institutions and beyond

Q&A with Ghanaian startup deploying electronic voting in various institutions across the country

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