Infrastructure Management

Bhopal is next on India's ambitious smart city agenda

An in-depth look at Bhopal's smart city program and what HPE will be adding to it



North Korea pursues cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea

Why cryptocurrency exchanges and users in other countries should be aware of an increased threat from North Korean actors over the coming year


Software & Web Development

Sony's latest venture helps developers actually focus on software development

Rocro CEO Tomoaki Kobayakawa explains how Sony’s newest subsidiary aims to help developers embrace DevOps.



Security: Why does Southeast Asia lag behind?

A look at how Southeast Asia is lagging behind in Asia’s cybersecurity posture


Human Resources

C-suite career advice: Matthew Tillman,

What tips would the c-suite give to the next generation?


Manufacturing and Process Management

Could Huawei smartphone deal fail spell full-blown Sino-US trade war?

Apple and China tech news stories could have wider implications, not just for IT buyers, but the global economy



APAC 2018: Major global player status will ramp up

Asia is beginning to outpace Europe but security is a serious concern


Business Management

Seven Chinese world leaders may point to the future of tech

Dr. Johnny Hon discusses the global rise of Chinese tech companies


Threat and Vulnerability Management

Why does China spot security vulnerabilities quicker than the US?

Hackers could have a head start on researching exploits that US firms have not yet caught wind of

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