Business Management

Jeff Kim (China) - Expanding Online Business into China: Securing a Technology Advantage

European businesses will receive a significant boost if they tap into the China market. Jeff Kim, coo of CDNetworks, discusses 4 essential considerations you need...



Roel Castelein (Asia) - Does Cloud Computing Spell the End of Piracy in Emerging Markets?

Piracy is rife in Asia, with emerging markets flexing their hacking might. Roel Castelein, part of GRM Strategies at EMC, discusses measures to stop piracy and what...



Smitha Murthy (India) - Cloud Computing and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Adoption in India

India has gradually adopted SaaS and has fast become a hot topic for CIOs. Smitha Murthy, head product management at McAfee India, looks at examples of how SaaS...


Business Management

Indus Khaitan (India) - Emerging Tools for Emerging Markets: Supporting the Organic Growth of SMBs

Indian SMBs slowly wake up to how technology boosts effciency. Indus Khaitan argues that because of this, local software vendors will provide Indian businesses with...


Hannah Bae (South Korea) - How Safe are Our Defenses Against North Korean Hackers?

Tensions between North and South Korea are nothing new. Yet the importance of cyber units in spying and warfare has added a new dimension to Kim Jon-il's infringing...


Business Management

Karthik Padmanabhan (India) - Social Business Market Opportunity

The current surge of Social Business is effecting a number of economic and cultural spheres. Karthik Padmanabhan,country manager at IBM Software Group, looks at...


Master Data Management

C. Kajwadkar (Asia) - IT Disaster Recovery - Building an Environment for Meeting DR Requirements

Due to the sheer amount of data these days, it’s mandatory for an organization to have a DR plan in place. Mr C. Kajwadkar, vice president at Netmagic Solutions,...


Green Business

Praveen Shivaswamy (India) - Smart Green Home: an Indian Perspective

In a world where natural resources are rising in price, developing companies are looking at ways in which they can be green and energy-efficient.Praveen Shivaswamy,...


Cloud Computing

Dr Gang Lu (China) - Comments on Cloud Computing in China - Part 2

With the expansion development of smart phones and 3G/4G networks, Dr Gang Lu, Chief Executive at TechNode, details the technologies that are showing the most promise...


Cloud Computing

Dr Gang Lu (China) - Comments on Cloud Computing in China - Part I

Both the development of cloud computing and the mobile industry are on the rise. Dr Gang Lu, Chief Editor at TechNode, discusses what this means to China, and how...



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