Mobile Communications

Dr KF Lai (Asia) - The Unrelenting Adoption of Mobile Commerce

Online purchases were relatively unknown when the internet was made standard in developed countries. Dr KF Lai, CEO of Buzzcity, looks at the explosion of mobile...


Hannah Bae (South Korea) - Can Korea Become a True Start-up Powerhouse?

The Korean government has restricted Korean IT growth for some time. Hannah Bae, a Journalist based in Seoul, discusses a number of progressive startups looking...


Business Management

Rajesh Ranjan (India) - SaaS Companies and their Sales Channels - the Indian Perspective

It is important to develop a concise approach to sales strategies in SaaS. Rajesh Ranjan, Program Director at MindTree, outlines the varies factors that contribute...


Social Media Marketing

Dr Gang Lu (China) - In Focus: China's Microblogging Revolution

Twitter is the no.1 microblog brand in the world. However, inspired by this dominant brand, Chinese 'Weibo' services are picking up momentum. Dr Gang Lu, Founder...


Business Management

Abhay Bhargav (India) - The Business Impact of Enterprise Web Application

Enterprises have begun to enjoy tremendous business benefits by deploying Web Applications. However, there is danger of sub-standard app deployment in the rush to...



John Emmitt (Japan) - Software Asset Management Maturity in Financial Terms

With the rise of software piracy companies require an effective strategy in managing licenses. John Emmitt, Senior Marketing Manager at Flexera Software, uncovers...


Business Management

Abhay Bhargav (India) - PCI Compliance - an Indian Perspective

PCI Standards are vital for storing processing and transmiting cardholder data. Abhay Bhargav, Founder of we45, discusses why India needs to adopt payment standards...


Business Management

Bill Taylor-Mountford (Asia) - Reaching for the Gold Standard in Global Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery strategies are becoming increasingly complex in an IT economy that embraces Cloud and Virtualization technologies. Bill Taylor-Mountford, Asia-Pacific...


Business Management

Rafiq Somani (India) - Attaining Value from PLM Adoption

Rafiq Somani Area Vice President of PTC India reveals how to attain true value from PLM adoption.



Lucius Lobo (India) - Security Threats will rise as Application Stores become Popular

In the past six months most of the major carriers in India have rolled out their own application stores. Today, there are over 500,000 applications available to...



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