Business Management

Rafiq Somani (India) - Attaining Value from PLM Adoption

Rafiq Somani Area Vice President of PTC India reveals how to attain true value from PLM adoption.



Lucius Lobo (India) - Security Threats will rise as Application Stores become Popular

In the past six months most of the major carriers in India have rolled out their own application stores. Today, there are over 500,000 applications available to...


Mobile Communications

Gopinath Kn (India) - How Smartphones can change the Indian IT Security Game

With this consumer-isation of wireless technology, business/enterprise IT should also gear up to support a diverse set of Smartphones (BB, iPhones, Android, Windows...


Raja Bavani (India) - Traits of Software Product Engineering Ecosystems

Software Product Engineering (SPE) continues to be among one of the coveted areas in the IT industry. We belong to the era of Cloud Computing that is aimed at optimization,...


Rajesh Ranjan (India) - Software as a Service

The global economy has seen many ups and downs recently. This uncertainty has impacted how business decisions are made, especially in case of IT spending. According...


Gopinath Kn (India) - Indian Wireless Security Posture: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Wireless has already made its presence felt in major Indian metros, enterprises, educational institutions, homes and even, government. Increased productivity, unlicensed...


Open Source

Hao Wang (China) - Two Sides of Open Source Licensing

Every coin has two sides. This is certainly true for the case of open source licensing restrictions... discover one IT professional’s thoughts on the subject.


IT & Systems Management

Steve Nunez (Singapore) - Optimisation and Efficiency in Singapore

With nothing to offer in the way of natural resources, much of Singapore's competitive edge is built around efficiency in areas such as business administration,...


IDG Connect, (UK) - The Global IT Series, Part 2: Asia

Across seven continents and 195 countries – global IT is as regional as the world itself. To explore the differences, IDG Connect has created a seven-part part series...

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