Five reasons South Korea has the fastest internet

The US always lags behind the South Korea when it comes to internet speeds – why is this?



China's quantum space race adds to fraught Sino-US relations

China’s quantum satellite network plans take a great leap forward


Business Management

Forget Apple vs. Uber: Electric cars from China will be the real economic disruptor

Few in the West have taken the full measure of China’s drive toward electric vehicles


Business Management

Asia's 'final frontier': Investing in Myanmar's tech scene

Many investors have looked to Myanmar, since it opened up, but it is not an easy market to crack



Indian banking sector is mass growth opportunity for IT

India is one of the fastest growing markets in APAC when it comes to finance sector IT spend

Hacking India: Developers build vertical applications for local market

Software & Web Development

Hacking India: Developers build vertical applications for local market

Avaya's hackathon invited developers to design innovative & sustainable smart solutions to help drive Digital India



How bureaucracy can hold back the Philippines' internet development

Legislation remains slow and surveillance is still unaddressed in the Philippines



What does Chinese legislation of 1st June mean for foreign firms?

A look at the introduction of China's new Cybersecurity Law, which comes into effect today


Human Resources

C-suite career advice: K Nanda Kumar, SunTec

We ask industry leading C-suite professionals for their expert career advice...



Why WannaCry might make Microsoft cry in China

China’s reliance on illegitimate software means it was hit even harder than the west

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