Sharif Khan (Middle East) - Up-skilling Women in the Middle East Through Digital Literacy

There is a marked importance in IT and internet skills; for both the home and the work place. Sharif Khan, HR Direcot for Microsoft, highlights the efforts going...


Mobile Communications

Indus Khaitan (India) - How the Adoption of Internet Leads to a change in Information Consumption

With the emphasis on mobile-orientated information delivery over desktop computers, Indus Khaitan discusses how Indian mobile companies battle to provide mobile-internet...


Energy Efficiency

Ali Ahmar (Middle East) - Key to the Growth and Modernization of the Healthcare Sector

Updated network technologies are vital for running modern health care centres. Ali Ahman, Regional Sales Manager at Brocade, discusses what ICT teams need to do...



Ali Ahmar (Middle East) - "Ethernet Fabric" - A Network Architecture for the Virtualized Data Centers

With virtualization changing the way we consume information, Ali Ahman, a multi-regional sales manager for Brocade, discusses the possibility of 'Ethernet Fabric'....



Mike Wronski (Middle East)- Preventing VM Sprawl When Adopting Virtualization

A clear strategy to enabling virtulization is important. Mike Wronski, VP of Product Management at Reflex Systems, discusses VM Sprawl in detail.


Business Management

Basil Daniells (Middle East) - The Changing Role of the Finance Department...

The role of the finance department has expanded greatly in the Middle East in recent years. Basil Daniells, Regional vice President of Epicor Software, looks at...



Axel Pawlik (Middle East) - The Future of Internet Development in the Middle East

As the global pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses is dwindling towards zero, Axel Pawlik, Managing Director of the RIPE NCC, the regional Internet registry for the...



Shaheen Haque (UAE) - Contact Center and IP Communications Predictions for 2011

It's that time of year again to see where the technology directions will take enterprises into 2011 and beyond. Shaheen Haque – Territory Manager, Middle East &...


Cloud Computing

Smita Sharma (UAE) - The False Cloud: Moving Beyond the Buzzwords

Cloud computing is at risk of losing its meaning and becoming a mere marketing buzzword: almost every supplier now has miraculously re-invented their product into...


Basil Daniells (Middle East) - Five Challenges and Pitfalls of Implementing ERP in the Middle East

If you are based in the Middle East and thinking about evaluating enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions make sure you look at how well the product fit your...



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