Omar Alvi (Dubai) - Data masking: Safeguard against Internal Threats

Having sensitive data within an organization is a norm. Whether it is trade secrets, intellectual property, critical business information, business partners’ information,...


Dennis Oommen (Dubai) - Can IT Security in the Middle East really catch up?

The robustness of IT in the Middle East has been a welcome silver lining for many global IT vendors. IT Security, in particular has witnessed some of the highest...


Moutasem Zakkar (UAE) - IT Projects - A Look Beyond the Technology

Project Management isn’t just about technology. The personalities and people involved are critical too. IT Consultant Moutasem Zakkar, from the UAE, addresses the...


Glenn Hughes (UAE) - Challenges of Service Management in UAE.

The rapid growth in UAE Service management, at least until recent times, saw lots of companies offering IT services. But while any company wanting to adopt best...


IDG Connect, (UK) - The Global IT Series, Part 5: Middle East

Across seven continents and 195 countries – global IT is as regional as the world itself. To explore the differences, IDG Connect has created a seven-part part series...

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