Cloud Computing

Russell Rothstein (North America) - Service Performance and Availability Issues in the Cloud - Part 2

There are number of obstacles that hinder an efficient strategy in dealing with Cloud Computing. Russell Rothstein, Vice President of Product Marketing at OpTier,concludes...


Cloud Computing

Duncan Johnston-Watt (North America) - Overcoming Traditional Roadblocks to Scaling Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing require application services that maximise efficiency. Duncan Johnston-Watt, Founder and CEO of Cloudsoft Corporation, looks at overcoming...


Social Media Marketing

Sheri Atwood (US) - Are you Enabling Safe Social Networking?

Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, forums. Everyday new information is released on how to leverage these forums to build or grow your business. While these sites...



Dan Cornell (US) - Four Security Concerns Enterprises Developing Mobile Applications Must Address

The availability of advanced smartphone and tablet platforms has created opportunities for organizations to develop new classes of applications in support of their...


Human Resources

Ellen Pack (US) - IT Skill Shortage? Look Online

Finally the economy is showing signs of recovery and no sooner are companies talking about the shortage of IT talent. And it’s no wonder with the rapid pace of...


Cloud Computing

Russell Rothstein (U.S) Service Performance and Availability Issues in the Cloud - Part 1

If you are working on your cloud strategy or implementation now, it’s important to look ahead and think about how you are going to manage it when it goes live. As...


Cloud Computing

Aaron Levie (North America) - Why the Cloud Will Tip for Content Management and Collaboration in 2011

The technology demands of today's workers have changed dramatically in recent years. Thanks to consumer applications like YouTube, Facebook and Flickr, knowledge...



Alan MacLamroc (US) - Four Technology Trends to Watch in 2011

This past year saw IT organizations shift more of their efforts to driving business improvement. As we turn our sights to 2011, a number of important technology...


Energy Efficiency

Stephen Schimmel (North America) - Automating Regulatory Compliance

Gone are the days when IT departments existed only to repair routine computer problems or answer simple tech questions. As the dependence on technology has continued...


Vincent Lui (North America) - The IPTV Monitoring Frontier

The way people watch TV is changing. Today's remote control provides a static interaction between the viewer and the TV set, with the viewer limited to changing...



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