Sid Probstein (USA) - Unified Information Access (UIA) - Connecting Dots In The Enterprise

When speaking about "connecting the dots" one is often assumed to be addressing the challenge of analyzing intelligence data ... sitting in a dark room, deep underground,...


Dennis Korevitski (USA) - Let's Cancel all IT Projects

To clarify, I’m not talking about IT infrastructure projects – these should continue. Hardware ages and should be replaced, security can always be tightened, and...


Christopher L. Olsen (US) - The Who, What, Where, When and How of Data Governance

We all know that information is the ultimate asset. It’s also the largest and most challenging area of risk to organizations these days. Data ranges from being proprietary...


Green Business

Richard Casselberry (US) - The Real Cost of Green IT

There sure are a lot of vendors selling “Green” solutions now. But many of these solutions don’t really make sense once you start peeling back the onion so to speak....


Andy Huckridge (US) - Visibility into 4G Networks

This summer, two major trends are coming together at the same time: ratification by the IEEE of 40 and 100-Gigabits per second (Gbps) Ethernet speeds and the emergence...


IDG Connect, (UK) - The Global IT Series, Part 6: North America

Across seven continents and 195 countries – global IT is as regional as the world itself. To explore the differences, IDG Connect has created a seven-part part series...



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