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White Paper | Presented by Cohesity

3 Reasons to Move Long-Term Retention to the Cloud

This white paper highlights the three reasons enterprises should choose a modern, cloud-native solution for archiving data long term.

eGuide | Presented by Cohesity

Buyer’s Guide for Modern Web-Scale Backup and Recovery

This eGuide shows businesses how they can evaluate and select an effective, modern backup and recovery solution.

White Paper | Presented by Infor

Conquering supply chain complexity in food and beverage

The food and beverage industry is undergoing fundamental changes in how consumers buy and what they want to know about the products. At the same time, the industry faces an increased focus on healthy eating by consumers, companies, and governments. Adding to this is a rapidly changing competitive environment with a proliferation of new channels, producers, and products that compete with established brands and outlets.

White Paper | Presented by Uipath

How RPA Will Revolutionize Work, Skills, and Society across the EU

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps governments and businesses respond to challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis. To date, software robots have helped employees clear backlogs at scale and supported a fast delivery of public services. Looking ahead, organizations are leveraging automation to improve internal operations and ensure growth and resilience in a post-pandemic economy. The COVID-19 crisis has caused a significant shock to our societies and economies. While the vast implications and consequences are still unraveling, the way we work is likely to have changed forever.

White Paper | Presented by Cofense

Polymorphic Phishing Attacks – 5 Insights to Help You Stop Them

This white paper provides insights businesses can use to help them stop polymorphic phishing attacks.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Carbon Black

The Future of Remote Work

This on-demand webcast discusses how security and IT leaders can address the gaps in a distributed workforce and prepare for the future of work in a post-COVID environment.

White Paper | Presented by Lookout

The Spectrum of Mobile Risk: Understanding the full range of risks to enterprise data from mobility

The time has come for enterprise risk management to change. Mobile devices have become core to our personal and professional lives, yet most enterprises remain focused on traditional PC endpoints. Although many of the same elements of risk that affect PCs also apply to mobile endpoints, simply extending current PC security controls to your mobile feet is ineffective. Enterprise risk management needs to evolve to address mobile risks, and security professionals must architect mobile specifc security. To encourage this evolution, Lookout developed the Mobile Risk Matrix. Its purpose is to help security organizations understand the spectrum of risk on mobile devices and to provide data that demonstrates the prevalence of mobile risk.

eBook | Presented by Secured Touch

Breaking Down Fraud Flows

This eBook explores how different types of fraud affect the customer journey, the fraud-flow of the most prevalent fraud use cases, and how using Behavioral Biometrics can stop fraudsters at different stages in the customer journey, without disrupting the customer's experience.

White Paper | Presented by MobileIron

5 Ways Cyber threats Can Hack Your Company – And How to Stop Them

This white paper looks at five real-world security threats and how businesses can prevent them.

White Paper | Presented by Secured Touch

Behavioral Data: The Key to Unlocking Better Fraud Prevention

In this whitepaper, we will take a deep dive into the WHAT, HOW and WHY of behavioral data, and the ways it is helping businesses combat fraud while providing a better user experience.

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