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White Paper | Presented by Injazat

Lead Change with Agile Software Development

This IDC white paper provides organisations with essential guidance on how they can embark on their agile software development journey

White Paper | Presented by Sinequa

The Sinequa Enterprise Search Platform: A Peek Under the Hood

This paper discusses the benefits of a unified enterprise search platform and how Sinequa’s enterprise search solution transforms information into insights.

eBook | Presented by WinShuttle

10 Ways Microsoft Excel Can Speed Up Your SAP Processes & Improve Data Quality

This e-book looks at 10 ways Microsoft Excel can be used by businesses to speed up their SAP processes and improve the quality of their data.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

3 Proven Ways Enterprise IT Leaders Can Speed Up SAP Innovation

Digital transformation is all about speed. In this white paper, you will learn how to speed up your SAP projects, eliminate the pain and costs of hypercare, and deliver zero defect releases.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

3 savvy strategies for speeding up Salesforce testing

Salesforce’s cloud-based architecture and easy extensibility make it a powerful tool for innovation. But there is a catch. Because Salesforce focuses on an organization‘s most critical data and processes, any update, extension, or customization must be thoroughly tested.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

Align Salesforce with your enterprise quality strategy to deliver safer, faster updates

The following white paper shares best practices for building a modern testing strategy that will accelerate the delivery of Salesforce updates.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

BI And Data Warehouse Testing: Identifying Data Integrity Issues At Every DWH Phase

Data integrity can be compromised at all DWH/BI phases: when data is created, integrated, moved, or transformed. However, testing of data warehouses is usually deferred until late in the cycle.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

Decision Integrity: The Growing Complexity Of Data Is Sabotaging Your BI Initiative

We're in the midst of a data explosion, and mission-critical data has burst far beyond the scope of traditional data quality checks.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

Deliver Salesforce updates faster by tackling the #1 bottleneck in the software delivery process

Salesforce gives enterprises the ability to change fast – from streamlining operations to providing a foundation for entirely new digital customer experiences. But delivering those changes to the business just as fast, without introducing risk, requires a sound quality strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

How Implementing A Modern Testing Practice Accelerates Software Delivery

Digital transformation is near the top of every CIO’s agenda today. To reap the benefits, it’s critical to get new products to market faster. Agile and DevOps methods have ushered in a new era of rapid development and delivery. Yet testing remains a bottleneck.

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