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Video/Webcast | Presented by Intelsat

Building a Better Network: Delivering Resilient, Consistent Connectivity for SD-WANs

Globally distributed enterprises are turning to SD-WAN to provide network resiliency, security everywhere, excellent user experiences, and superior performance for critical applications–and expectations are growing.

White Paper | Presented by Alteryx

Six Ways to Go From Analytics Friction to Instant Outcomes

This white paper highlights six ways that an effective analytics platform can help organisations to become more data driven and gain immediate, actionable insights from their data.

White Paper | Presented by Komprise

Data Management Must Replace Storage Management

Data Management Software (DMS) lives outside the storage system. DMS enables IT leaders to understand, orchestrate, and intelligently place data based on cost, performance, regulatory compliance, legal, and value creation priorities.

eBook | Presented by Komprise

Five Ways to Use Analytics for Cloud Data Migrations

As unstructured data continues to grow exponentially, organizations struggle to control costs for file data storage. Many are turning to the cloud to scale and manage spend.

White Paper | Presented by Egnyte

Understanding Data Governance – What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Get Started

This white paper examines data governance in enterprise, why it matters, and how businesses can implement effective data governance practices.

Analyst Report | Presented by Veeam

2021 Data Protection Trends report

Data protection, now more than ever, is providing peace of mind and ensuring business continuity. This Data Protection Report looks into a recent global survey of more than 3,000 business and IT leaders to understand their approach toward data management challenges and successes, including the impact 2020 had on it. From this report you can learn about today’s data protection impact, costs and benefits with key insights from industry experts.

White Paper | Presented by Veeam

2021 Modern Data Protection Best Practices by Veeam

In 2020 organizations around the world were forced to react to fast changing business realities. Now the demands and expectations of data, where it is created and accessed, whether it is on-premises or cloud, the sheer volume of data, and the desire to better leverage that data to support customers and operations, has led to a need for faster delivery times and even higher service levels.

Making sense of customer data

Download this whitepaper to discover the steps to take to achieve intelligent solutions that provide improved, inclusive experiences for customers.

eBook | Presented by Redis Labs

Caching at Scale With Redis

This eBook describes what caching is and explains why it is a cornerstone of effective largescale modern applications.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Experian

How to Tackle Data Quality Issues Across the Lifecycle of Your CRM Systems

This on-demand webcast discusses the practical ways organisations can tackle data quality and accuracy issues across the lifecycle of their CRM systems.

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