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Containers in multicloud environments: the challenge of scale

This CIO paper discusses how developers can address the challenges of observability and scalability that come with a distributed model of microservices, containers and multi-cloud.

eBook | Presented by Nginx, Inc.

Real-Time API Management with NGINX

This eBook discusses the critical importance of delivering high-performance APIs and the tools organisations can utilise to determine API performance.

White Paper | Presented by Nginx, Inc.

The Masterguide to IT Agility

This paper discusses the importance of microservices in enabling an agile environment and how DevOp practices can support application development.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix

7 Key Considerations for Microservices-Based Application Delivery

This white paper explores the seven key considerations for microservices-based application delivery and the crucial role of application delivery controllers.

White Paper | Presented by Google

Building a Next-Generation SaaS Application

This white paper discusses how businesses can build a next-generation SaaS application with the help of Google Cloud Platform.

White Paper | Presented by Google

Re-architecting to cloud native: an evolutionary approach to increasing developer productivity at scale

This white paper looks at how businesses can re-architect their applications to a cloud-native paradigm that accelerates delivery of new features and improve software quality.

White Paper | Presented by Google

Building Next-Generation SaaS Application

This paper for SaaS leaders highlights the value of moving to a next-generation SaaS application and what Google Cloud offers when building on our platform.

Leveraging Managed Testing Services Partnerships to Advance Software Product Releases or Operations Agendas

This IDC white paper discusses why collaborating with managed testing services partners is key to rapid product rollouts.

Case Study | Presented by Red Hat

Ford Motor Company speeds development and delivery with Red Hat OpenShift

This case study looks at how Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes helped the Ford Motor Company to improve developer productivity, enhance its security and reduce hardware costs.

eGuide | Presented by Red Hat

Managing Your Kubernetes Clusters For Dummies

This For Dummies guide discusses the growth of Kubernetes clusters and how to address Kubernetes cluster management challenges.

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