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eBook | Presented by Improbable

Power in Numbers

This eBook explores how Improbable Multiplayer Services help studios and publishers define and integrate multi-platform, crossplay solutions into their games.

Case Study | Presented by Empire Code

Empire Code Launchpad Uses AWS to Deploy A SaaS Solution For the Education Industry

This case study examines how Empire Code Launchpad created a SaaS solution on AWS that was able to help education institutions create better experiences for their staff and students.

eGuide | Presented by Snow Software

Better Data, Better Decisions with Snow Software

How a Clean CMDB Optimizes Enterprise ITSM and ITAM

eBook | Presented by Snow Software

ITAM Reimagined in a Hybrid World

Modernize Your ITAM Process

eBook | Presented by Snow Software

Oracle Java Licensing

Understand how Oracle’s Java licensing requirements affect you

White Paper | Presented by Pluralsight

10 Problems Slowing Your Development and How to Fix Them

This white paper identifies problematic patterns and behaviours that can limit the potential of development teams and how to address and resolve them.

White Paper | Presented by Pluralsight

Pluralsight Flow Empowers IT Leaders to Respond With Enhanced Speed and Agility to the Needs of Developers and Development Teams

This IDC report examines Pluralsight Flow and the benefits it can offer organisations looking to empower their development teams.

White Paper | Presented by Oracle

GraalVM for Dummies

This For Dummies guide tells businesses everything they need to know about GraalVm and the benefits it can offer.

White Paper | Presented by Jitterbit

Embedded Integration – Build vs. Buy

This white paper looks at why businesses need a modern integration strategy and how they can choose between building integrations in-house or via a third-party.

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