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eBook | Presented by AWS

Digital transformation through business modernisation

This eBook discusses the business benefits of IT modernisation and how organisations can realise the associated benefits by migrating and modernising with AWS.

eBook | Presented by VMware

Operationalizing Multi-Cloud: Four Success Stories

Now more than ever, organizations are leaning on the public cloud to drive innovation with speed and agility.

eBook | Presented by DELL EMC AND AMD

Sustain Driving innovation to help maintain our work with Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

This report examines the opportunities and challenges for high performance computing and AI in the agrifood sector.

eBook | Presented by Datadog, Inc.

11 Monitoring Platform Capabilities for Enterprise DevOps Teams

In this eBook, Isaac Johnson, a Principal Software Engineer and DevOps Architect with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, reveals the key things he looks for when evaluating monitoring platforms for enterprise DevOps teams.

eBook | Presented by Datadog, Inc.

Containerized applications in AWS

In this eBook, learn how to monitor AWS container environments at scale with Datadog and which key metrics to monitor when leveraging two container orchestration systems (ECS and (EKS).

eBook | Presented by Datadog, Inc.

How a CTO Boosted Uptime From 99.9% to 99.99%

In this eBook, orderbird CTO Frank Schlesinger tells the story of the company’s journey from 99.9% uptime to 99.99% uptime.

eBook | Presented by Datadog, Inc.

Manage Large Volumes of Logs with No Impact on Visibility

In this product brief, you’ll learn what the typical problems are with traditional log management tools.

eBook | Presented by Cisco Systems

The Future of Work is Hybrid

This eBook examines the trends shaping the future of work and why businesses are increasingly moving towards hybrid working models.

eBook | Presented by Datadog, Inc.

What E-Commerce Performance Metrics are CTOs Monitoring

In this eBook, Danny Miles, CTO of Dollar Shave Club, reveals an efficient  framework for thinking about and prioritizing metrics.

eBook | Presented by Datadog, Inc.

What You Need to Know When Monitoring Your Workloads on AWS

In this eBook, you’ll learn about the benefits and complexities of migrating  workloads to AWS.

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