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3 Keys to Finding Digital Transformation Success Using Open Source

This web article outlines the three critical factors that mitigate danger and enable successful digital transformation initiatives using open source.

ACI Worldwide Modernises Software Architecture While Reducing Risk and Lowering Costs with PostgreSQL

This web article discusses the case study of ACI Worldwide and how they modernised their software architecture while reducing risk and lowering costs with PostgreSQL.

Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response

We’re confident you’ll get a lot of value from Gartner’s: Deep dive into XDR product capabilities. Assessment of XDR benefits, uses and potential risks. Examples of use cases where XDR makes sense. Criteria for evaluating the different offerings.

Edge computing 101: A CIO demystification guide

CIOs are now used to cloud computing, but here comes edge computing. Should they worry?

Premium Article

Premium Article

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Five Essential Steps for GDPR Compliance

This IDC report discusses GDPR and five steps businesses need to take to ensure they are compliant by May 2018.

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Cloud Maturity Explained

This article provides an explanation of cloud maturity from the perspective of a leading expert in transformation.

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Which Model is Right For You?

Find out why Oracle Database Appliance is the right choice for your Oracle Database

What should you know about the Chinese blockchain market?

As western businesses focus on the potential in Ethereum and IOTA to deliver smart contracts and the Internet of Things, Chinese equivalents are also emerging behind the scenes

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