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eBook | Presented by AWS

Digital transformation through business modernisation

This eBook discusses the business benefits of IT modernisation and how organisations can realise the associated benefits by migrating and modernising with AWS.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Winning with the new ways of doing business in Financial Services

This eBook outlines the disruption within the financial services industry and looks at how AWS can help FSIs maintain profitability and compliance while future-proofing their organisation.

eBook | Presented by AWS

8 Business Drivers That Motivate Cloud Migrations

This eBook outlines the eight business drivers that are motivating cloud migrations and how AWS can help businesses achieve their goals.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Accelerating Your AWS Journey – Migration and Modernisation eBook

This eBook discusses how businesses can drive sustainable transformation by migrating to the cloud and modernising their existing processes.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Migrate with Confidence to a Secure Cloud

This eBook outlines the six crucial benefits of migrating to a secure cloud with AWS.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Build mobile and web apps faster

This eBook outlines three proven tips to accelerate the development of modern mobile and web apps.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Build modern applications on AWS

This eBook explores how modern application development with AWS can help organisations innovate, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and improve reliability.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Determining the Total Cost of Ownership: Comparing Serverless and Server-based Technologies

This eBook provides a framework to compare the TCO for both serverless and server-based applications, factoring in infrastructure, development, and maintenance costs.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Modernise today with containers on AWS

This eBook discusses the best practices in containerisation and how businesses can get started today with containers on AWS.

White Paper | Presented by AWS

Innovation for Life: Cities Powered by the Cloud (French Language)

Download this eBook to find out how cloud technology can empower you to drive your mission.

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