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White Paper | Presented by Adobe

The complete guide to work management for marketers

This white paper outlines the critical importance of optimising the marketing work lifecycle and why marketing teams need a work management application.

White Paper | Presented by Adobe

How to Find Your “Just-Right” Marketing Automation Solution

This white paper discusses how businesses can identify and choose the right marketing automation solution to meet their specific needs.

Data Sheet | Presented by Adobe

The DOs and DON’Ts to Level Up Your Lead-Generation Tool Kit

This datasheet looks at what businesses should and shouldn’t do when attempting to improve their lead-generation tool kit.

Data Sheet | Presented by Adobe

Tips and Tricks to Optimise Your Lead Scoring Tool Kit

This datasheet provides businesses with tips and tricks they can use to optimise and improve their lead scoring tool kit and drive better results.

White Paper | Presented by Adobe

The Great Acceleration – 8 Predictions For the Upcoming Holiday Season

This white paper presents eight predictions for the future of the e-commerce market and how businesses can prepare for these possible changes

White Paper | Presented by Adobe

The Rise of Intelligent Commerce

This white paper looks at how smarter, AI-powered commerce can empower shoppers and help businesses to deliver better customer experiences.

White Paper | Presented by Adobe

The winning playbook for experience personalization.

Personalization matters more than ever in marketing, and it starts with aligning three key pillars: your strategy, people, and technology. Read The Winning Playbook for Experience Personalization to dive into the building blocks of each pillar, learn how to expand and scale your efforts, and discover how this approach has helped real businesses reach their goals. 

Case Study | Presented by Adobe

Anticipate Buyer Needs And Unlock Faster Time-To-Revenue With Digital Document Processes

To stay competitive, increase digital engagement, and accelerate revenue recognition, sales professionals in APAC must meet buyer needs and leverage technology such as digital document processes and e-signature.

eBook | Presented by Adobe

From Dotted Line to the Bottom Line—An Automated Workflow

It's true, digital documents boost sales. While companies can expect to recover hard costs by eliminating physical paper trails, the real value lies in harnessing workflow efficiency.

White Paper | Presented by Adobe

Power Your Firm’s Intelligent Digital Workplace With Digital Document Processes

With the future of work existing in a virtual and digital world, it is now critical for businesses to build an intelligent digital workplace to survive in the 2020s, and accelerate out of crisis.

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