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How Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Enables Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, the process of applying innovative digital strategies to improve operations and create new services, imposes a variety of challenges on organizations. Accordingly, the IT playbook for adapting to these changes continues to evolve. Dynamic allocation of IT resources, emerging security concerns and an increasingly remote workforce are just some of the factors organizations have to address while remaining competitive. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a foundational technology that many organizations leverage as part of their digital transformation strategy

Transforming Networking for the Cloud era with SD-wan

SD-WAN provides transformational benefits, enabling you to adapt, change and improve availability with menu driven application prioritization and steering, all while saving time and money. With features like Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization, you can achieve up to a 75% reduction in costs** over traditional MPLS-based WAN designs and gain better performance for your modern business applications. The result is simplified operations with zero touch deployment, assured application performance, ease of Cloud onramps, and flexibility of choice in security, all delivered in one solution from Dell Technologies and VMware.

Driving A Modern Applications Strategy

This white paper examines four ways businesses can accelerate their modern application initiatives and summarises the benefits of taking a modern applications approach.

A New Sequence for Bioinformatics HPC

This case study discusses how Dell helped the UK National Health Service effectively utilise high-performance computing to deliver personalised medicine.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

This Tolly test report examines the technical capabilities and features of Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 and how it delivers improved VDI performance and scalability.

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Block by Block: Building for an App-Centric Future

This eBook looks at how organisations can address storage challenges in an adaptive, app-centric world.

Benefits of the Consistent Hybrid Cloud – A Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of the Dell Technologies Cloud

This IDC white paper provides a Total Cost of Ownership analysis of the Dell Technologies Cloud compared with running workloads natively on a leading public cloud service provider.

Data Centre Modernization

Pursuing agility to truly impact business transformation requires embracing data center modernization as a core competency. Crucial to this is having the most up-to-date IT infrastructure to support the scale and complexity of a changing technology landscape. Companies must embrace this imperative by adopting software-defined data center principles, embracing modernization, and automating their IT management processes. Those that do will propel business innovation and deliver superior customer experiences with fast, secure, and reliable business technology.

Digital Transformation

Today, the IT industry is abuzz with discussion of digital transformation. There are nearly as many definitions of digital transformation as there are firms looking to profit from the trend. Techaisle views digital transformation as the use and integration of organization-wide digital business processes, including modernization of current processes & supporting infrastructure to achieve previously unattainable or unimaginable business outcomes.


In a digital business, processes are rarely, if ever, confined to the infrastructure of the company. Customers and employees engage across numerous digital channels and dozens of third-party relationships critical to operations. IT leaders must rapidly evolve to protect their firms’ brands, strengthen their reputations, and build customer trust. To do so, security and productivity should go hand-in-hand, and that means a well-defined policy framework, metrics that demonstrate business value, and a business-aligned strategy that ties all this together.

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