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3 Keys to Finding Digital Transformation Success Using Open Source

This web article outlines the three critical factors that mitigate danger and enable successful digital transformation initiatives using open source.

ACI Worldwide Modernises Software Architecture While Reducing Risk and Lowering Costs with PostgreSQL

This web article discusses the case study of ACI Worldwide and how they modernised their software architecture while reducing risk and lowering costs with PostgreSQL.

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Postgres-BDR The Next Generation of PostgreSQL High Availability

This white paper introduces Postgres Bi-Directional Replication technology and explores why Postgres-BDR Always On architecture is the industry solution for highly available PostgreSQL.

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How to Properly Backup Your Data (PostgreSQL Database Tutorial)

This on-demand webcast discusses how organisations can effectively perform backups and reduce the data loss risk associated with backups.

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The Expert's Guide to Integrating PostgreSQL

This white paper takes a detailed look at the integration of PostgreSQL with the enterprise tech stack to help accelerate development and the move to production.

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Business Value Snapshot

<p>This snapshot shows the Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutions.</p>

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The Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutions

<p>The database industry has seen significant evolution of its technology, not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of simplicity, ease of use, and lower cost. Read this whitepaper to discover the advantages of EDB database solutions.</p>