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Accelerate your Hybrid Transformation

As organizations attempt to strike a balance between keeping IT services on‑premises and moving to the public cloud, a logical middle ground has emerged—the hybrid cloud. This cloud model combines public and private cloud into one cohesive environment, allowing you to take advantage of pay-per-use pricing, the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing, and the security of dedicated hardware. 451 Research reports that 57% of IT decision makers consider pursuing an integrated—on‑premises and off-premises—environment as part of their overall strategy.

Accelerating AI Adoption for the Modern Data-Driven Enterprise

Today’s enterprises face numerous challenges in executing a successful AI strategy. Many enterprises lack the agility, flexibility and resilience that is mandatory for AI, as well as the budget to pursue rapid innovation. Infrastructure scalability and performance are critical to create the ideal AI environment.  The bottom line — enterprises of all sizes must innovate now to meet these requirements. Leading-edge solutions and expert guidance are essential to jump-start the AI journey and exploit the capabilities of AI analytics. Those who do will achieve significant competitive advantage in the race to intelligence.

A Guide to Enterprise AI (451 Research Pathfinder)

This paper navigates decision-makers through the issues surrounding a specific technology or business case for AI, explores the business value of adoption, and recommends the range of considerations and concrete next steps in the decision-making process.

AI Journey for Data-Driven Enterprises (Futurum)

Discover why in the next few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the biggest opportunity to harness large amounts of data from multiple sources.

All data, one platform, every cloud. Limitless possibilities. (Edge-to-cloud data fabric from HPE)

How an edge-to-cloud data fabric can be a key element of modernizing Big Data management and unlocking your business value faster. The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric team has a unique vision and technology to operationalize the data for business impact.

Bare Metal VDI–Engineering Workstation

Read how HPE is filling the technology gap by using HPE Edgeline EL4000 Converged Edge System delivers simple, smart, dense, and secure desktops or applications from anywhere, to any device. Giving high-end users the performance they need.

Boost your remote productivity

The current health crisis has resulted in a global slowdown, affecting small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB) more acutely. Many SMBs have embraced remote work and virtual collaboration to weather the storm. But supporting remote work can present unforeseen challenges. You need to be sure you can provide the reliability and performance your employees need to be productive while keeping things simple for IT and ensuring you protect sensitive data.

CIOs Exploit HPC to Boost Productivity and Competitiveness (Hyperion Research)

Historically, most HPC systems in the private sector have been installed in dedicated HPC data centers for product development or other upstream R&D tasks. But in recent years, more businesses—many of them first-time HPC users—have integrated these systems into enterprise data centers to support complex business operations that enterprise server systems can't handle effectively alone. Hyperion Research believes that with strong support from HPE, the new HPE Cray line of Shasta based systems is well positioned to benefit from, and to help drive, the robust growth we have projected for the worldwide HPC market.

Closing the IT Security Gaps 2020 Global Study (Ponemon Institute)

What is causing gaps in IT security?  How is digital transformation and the proliferation of IoT devices and workers at the edge stretching organizations ability to secure their people, processes and technologies?  Is the Internet of Things making it worse?  Can AI and automation fix it?  How confident are organizations that that they can prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks on the inside?

Delivering always-on access for banking customers

In a connected world, customers demand instant access to their banking. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI delivers intelligent, self-managing flash storage that helps Highmark Credit Union provide its customers with always-on access to their money.

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