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Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

How a Hollywood VFX Master Makes Movie Magic

Framestore’s Michael Ralla says fast and powerful computers are essential, though turning imagination into reality is more about how you use the tools. (And please don’t get him started on “man-years” of rendering time.)

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Mastering Mobility: How Mobile Workstations are Changing the Way We Work

Lenovo workstations, powered by Intel®, deliver an uncompromised remote workstation experience by harnessing the power of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and TGX Remote Workstation Software—for high performance, low latency, and an extremely scalable remote workstation experience. Simply put, with a mobile workstation, choosing on-the-go technology doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the power you need to attack any task with confidence.

Data Sheet | Presented by Lenovo

Work Safer with ThinkShield & Workstation

The average cost of a data breach is $4 million— enough to ruin any company. Lenovo Workstations, powered by Intel®, are engineered to keep your valuable data safe with the exclusive features of our ThinkShield portfolio—Lenovo’s comprehensive suite of end-to-end protection and customizable security features. Be confident that your hard work is backed by the best, whether you’re crafting critical projects remotely or at the office.

eBook | Presented by Lenovo

Clearing the Air: How to Bridge the Gap Between Cloud Expectations & Reality

Rapid innovation. Seamless performance. Organizational harmony. The cloud comes loaded with lofty expectations. And while many are based in fact, the truth is, the right cloud for you might not make it rain ROI right away.

Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

Finding Hygee and Hybrid Cloud Happiness: How we helped Cloudeon transform Danis Enterprises with Lenovo Hybrid Cloud

We get it. A smarter cloud solution is only as good as its results. So, if you’re wondering how our Lenovo™ Hybrid Cloud offering, powered by Intel®, creates real-world success, just ask our friends at Cloudeon.

Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

Finding Smarter Ways to Break New Ground

How Lenovo helped LCR Group, a Qube Company, bring cloud computing underground with hyperconvergence powered by Intel® to make mining safer and more efficient.

eBook | Presented by Lenovo

The Path to a Successful Cloud Strategy

The IT industry is currently in the largest, most challenging, most disruptive, and most important transition ever. Today, IT departments everywhere are being tasked with moving away from the traditional cost center model and transforming into revenue-generating innovation centers. Many see transformation as a necessity for survival, but simply surviving will never been enough. There’s a bigger opportunity here – by transforming IT, you can transform your business.

Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

This healthcare facility reduced energy consumption by 50%

See how Miami Jewish Health saved energy, money, and time by switching to Lenovo smarter cloud computing solutions, powered by Intel®. Now, they have 24/7 availability, automatic failover, and a single centralized virtual structure for all compute and storage resources.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Lenovo

Thought Leadership Strategy Session: Confidently Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation

Learn how T-Systems is providing their customers the Cloud infrastructure of the future – today.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Your Guide to Cloud Clarity

With so many vendors and so many options, navigating cloud capabilities is no easy task. The good news? Choosing a solution is less about understanding every aspect and more about understanding what will work best for you. In this eBook, we’ll walk you through every step of selecting a cloud solution for your business. But before we get going, let’s get back to the basics.

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