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White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

The State of Email Security Report 2021

In 2020, the global pandemic caused a global shift to remote and hybrid work, forcing organizations to pivot the way they operate practically overnight —

eBook | Presented by Mimecast

API Strategy Guide for Strengthening Your Security with Mimecast

This API strategy guide is designed to help your organization understand the benefits of getting started with Mimecast's open API and integrations.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

How to Help Prevent Increasingly Rampant Brand Exploitation

Brands have been the unwitting victims of scams since time immemorial. Now, in the age of phishing, it’s worse than ever.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

InfoTech Software Reviews Report: Mimecast Vs. Proofpoint

This report provides a high level summary of product performance within the Data Archiving category from InfoTech’s Software Reviews.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

The Total Economic Impact? Of Mimecast

Cybercrime affects every organization no matter the size or type, and it’s a threat that is growing and changing constantly.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Why Your Cyber Security Posture Needs a Rethink

Join CSO Australia and Mimecast for an exclusive, invitation-only virtual event, ‘Why your cyber security posture needs a rethink.’ This session will be moderated by CSO’s associate editor, Byron Connolly, and will include James Turner and other leading cyber experts. Discussion focus will be around why your email security, in particular, needs a rethink in this new remote working environment.

eBook | Presented by Mimecast

Transforming the SOC – Building Tomorrow’s Security Operations, Today

This eBook explores the benefits and drawbacks of keeping a security operations centre (SOC) in-house versus outsourcing it, and what a successful model might look like.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

The 2020 State of Email Security Report (SOES)

The 2020 State of Email Security Report (SOES) contains valuable insights on how email attacks are impacting organisations at every level. Topics range from phishing, business email compromise (BEC), ransomware, internal email threats, rise and fall based on threat actors latest strategies. Let SOES 2020 serve as a guide to help drive continuous improvements to your cyber resilience strategy.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Mimecast

Don’t Just Educate – Create Cybersafe Behaviour

This Forrester report examines how businesses can create effective security awareness and training programs.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

E-Discovery Continues to Be a Top Driver for Archiving Technology

This Q&A with Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester, discusses archiving platforms and E-discovery.

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