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eBook | Presented by Redis Labs

Building the Highway to Real-Time Financial Services

This eBook discusses how financial institutions can rebuild the data layer for real-time services.

eBook | Presented by Redis Labs

Unlocking the Cloud-Native Data Layer

This eBook acts as an enterprise guide for developers, operators, and architects to a future-proof cloud-native data layer.

White Paper | Presented by Redis Labs

Building Large Databases with Redis Enterprise Flash

This white paper explains the technology behind Redis on Flash and the architecture for building large databases using the technology.

White Paper | Presented by Redis Labs

Total Cost Comparison: Redis Enterprise vs AWS DynamoDB

This whitepaper reviews a number of typical cloud workload scenarios, and calculates the cost savings delivered by Redis Enterprise over AWS DynamoDB, particularly when using Redis on Flash technology.

White Paper | Presented by Redis Labs

Under the Hood: Redis CRDTs (Conflict-free Replicated Data Types)

This can easily be overcome with a little creativity by embracing and extending your current MySQL or similar relational database technology to a Redis database.

Case Study | Presented by Redis Labs

Whitepapers Relies on Redis on Flash to Keep Operational Costs Low and Performance High

Whitepages’s innovative people search tools are powered by more than five billion and growing global identity records. On average, the proprietary Identity GraphTM solution makes 150,000 to 200,000 calls per second to the three-terabyte database and can even surpass this number during peak hours.

Case Study | Presented by Redis Labs

With an Assist form Redis Enterprise, Malwarebytes Makes the Digital World Safer

Malwarebytes, the industry-leading anti-malware and internet security software provider, was struggling to harness the sheer enormity of data their systems were capturing. The company had access to a wealth of malware data, but leveraging that data with the speed and efficiency necessary to drive intelligence into global and local attack vectors was a daunting task.