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eBook | Presented by SAS

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

This eBook provides an overview of the ethics landscape for AI and the fundamentals every busines leader should remember when embracing AI.

White Paper | Presented by SAS

The Rise of Computer Vision

This white paper outlines computer vision, implementation considerations for businesses, and how to achieve success with the technology.

eGuide | Presented by SAS

The SAS AI business case guide

This eGuide helps IT leaders create a robust business case for the successful adoption of AI.

White Paper | Presented by SAS

How AI Changes the Rules: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Organisation

This report examines responses from over 2,200 business leaders and key contributors to ascertain the potential benefits of implementing AI within the enterprise.

Solution Brief | Presented by SAS

Risk Modelling Accelerator

This solution brief looks at how organisations make decisions using timely data-driven analytics and cross-functional collaboration to better respond to dynamic business conditions.

White Paper | Presented by SAS

Using Advanced Analytics to Model, Predict and Adapt to Changing Consumer Demand Patterns Affected by COVID-19

This white paper discusses how businesses can use advanced analytics to model, predict and adapt to changing consumer demand patterns affected by Covid-19.

White Paper | Presented by SAS

What’s the New Normal In Healthcare – Changes Post-Covid-19 and Beyond

This white paper discusses how the healthcare industry will adapt and move forward as a result of Covid-19.

Miscellaneous | Presented by SAS

Experience 2030 – Are You Ready for the Future of Customer Experience

This infographic looks at the future of customer service and five ways businesses can ensure customer experience success.

White Paper | Presented by SAS

Artificial Intelligence for Executives

This white paper examines how executives can successfully implement AI within their organisation.

eGuide | Presented by SAS

How to Take AI Projects From Start to Win

This eGuide outlines the four pillars organisations should put in place for a successful AI initiative.

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