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eBook | Presented by Salesforce

Digital Commerce Transformation for Communication Service Providers

This eBook discusses why digital commerce is becoming a primary driver for growth for telcos and communication service providers.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

European Grocery: How the coronavirus pandemic re-shaped an industry

This report examines the impact of the pandemic on the grocery industry along with their focus areas and priorities for the future.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

Top Trends in High Tech

This report takes a look into the forces of change impacting the High-Tech industry.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

Trends in Financial Services

This report examines how the pandemic upended the financial services industry and the growth strategies that organisations can adopt for better resilience.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

Trends in Manufacturing

This report examines the trends emerging within the manufacturing industry and how the pandemic revealed an urgent need for business agility.

Analyst Report | Presented by Salesforce

IT Leaders’ Handbook to Employee Engagement

This e-book discusses the challenges IT leaders face when trying to boost employee engagement and examines the steps they can take to overcome them.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

How 12 Organisations in Australia and New Zealand Built Trust and Resilience

This white paper provides 12 real-life examples of how organisations from Australia and New Zealand have pivoted for long-term resilience to combat the impact of Covid-19.

eBook | Presented by Salesforce

Realising the Dream of 1-to-1 Personalisation

This eBook explores the importance of communicating with audience members as the individuals they are and how businesses can achieve the dream of 1-to-1 personalisation.

Lead Gen | Presented by Salesforce

The APAC Employee Engagement Report

This report examines responses of IT leaders and office workers to better understand the role of technology in employee engagement.

eBook | Presented by Salesforce

The 5 Productivity Secrets of Successful Salespeople

This eBook shares the five best practices sales teams can adopt to improve their productivity and collaboration to better connect with customers.

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