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eGuide | Presented by Samsung

Rugged – Transforming frontline productivity

This guide looks at how rugged technology can transform the productivity of frontline workers.

Analyst Report | Presented by Samsung

The Problem with Productivity

This report highlights the productivity issues that SMBs face and reveals how new technologies can help them thrive in a fast-paced and competitive environment.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Samsung

Securing The Mobile Workforce for Small Business Growth

This on-demand webcast discusses the opportunities and challenges surrounding a mobile workforce and how businesses can make employees productive while securing devices.

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

Work from Your Phone – Making Scalable Mobile Working Easy

This paper looks at how businesses can enable effective mobile working without overloading IT departments.

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

Galaxy Enterprise Edition – More Business, Less Work

This white paper looks at how businesses can better manage and secure their fleet of mobile devices with Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition.

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

The New Digital Canvas: Ultimate Guide to Planning and Deploying LED Digital Signage

This white paper explores why the market is shifting to LED, provides cost comparisons with traditional LCD videowalls and maps out the steps to planning a direct-view LED deployment. From design, to viewing distance and content development, learn how to create highly immersive large-scale installations.

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

Ideas Fuel Successful Business

This white paper explores the landscape of the modern workplace and how current business challenges are impacting on creativity and innovation.

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

MiFID II Explained: What Does It Mean for Mobility?

This paper aims to help you better understand the implications of MiFID II, specifically in relation to the technology used to do business.

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

Biometric Authentication: The Future is Now

Challenges with password management lead financial firms to adopt biometric authentication solutions.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Samsung

Biometric Identification Evolves to Provide Unprecedented Security & Reliability

With the rise in identity and data theft, the global financial services industry is ramping up its use of biometrics to provide convenient, reliable, and highly secure protection.

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