Faster digitization requires more compute power

A new wave of digital transformation is here. One that requires entirely new levels of computing power to support companies on their digitalization journey. When all indications show that digitalization will accelerate in the future and that data volumes will continue to increase rapidly, it will be more critical than ever for companies to work with data and applications in the right way. Industry analysts agree that it is time for companies to act and adapt their operations to the new wave, but how? A good start is to review the infrastructure and the services and solutions that can drive digitalization forward. This is in parallel with setting a clear strategy for switching up the infrastructure when needed and adapting it to an increasingly data-driven future characterized by innovation and new digital services. With a hybrid, scalable, and optimized as-a-service experience, we help companies lay the foundation for the next wave of digitalization. You consume advanced infrastructure and the compute power required to handle different workloads, no matter where they are, as a service. Together with Intel, HPE has launched a new generation of servers adapted for the new generation of data-driven businesses. Read more in our whitepaper "Compute that Powers Transformation".