Empower DevOps

Reach Accelerated Performance and Delivery Cycles.

The ability to rapidly develop digital innovation (digital products and services) is clearly recognized as a core competitive requirement. Software dev and delivery capabilities to drive product and service innovation are identified as the top 2021 investment priority.

Business leaders recognize that software is central to digital innovation and that organizations must become software producers at increasing speed and scale. DevOps practices go hand in hand with digital innovation and there is now concrete evidence that DevOps delivers business results.

The challenge for CIOs is to ensure that enterprise-scale DevOps is achievable. To enable DevOps to become business as usual, organizations must rethink business alignment and governance processes, but also consider tool complexity, culture, automation strategies, organizational goals, skills, and sourcing models. CIOs will have to find ways to manage development and delivery processes, to keep all parties aligned, in sync, and focused on business value delivery.