Five Tips for Building a SaaS Management Business Case

Reduce spend, gain visibility, minimize risk

The recent growth in SaaS adoption has led to a big increase in the volume of applications and contracts to negotiate. The increased workload has become a challenge to manage. What can be even more frustrating is the lack of visibility into applications that have not gone through proper procurement policies, often referred to as shadow SaaS or SaaS sprawl. This is not just a concern for the IT asset management team but for your IT operations and security teams.

With these trends, it’s obvious to you that your organization needs to add SaaS management to your ITAM practice but this need might not be obvious to those who might fund this initiative.

To help, we created this guide to assist you in building a business case. In it you’ll find five tips of how to approach creating a business case and an overview of business benefits you’ll want to consider in your analysis. While this guide is focused on SaaS management, the tips and approach can be leveraged for any initiative.