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Personality predictions based on LinkedIn are already scarily accurate

Roel Castelein takes a look at the future of personality analysis and what it might mean


Experts on hype, past, present, future and ethics of AI

A panel of experts give their views on the current state of AI and what happens next


Qlik CEO is enjoying pioneering firm's private time

Lars Björk, CEO of data analytics firm Qlik, took the company off the public markets and is happy with the results


Innovation 2.0: What you need to know about graph-based machine learning

Graph-based machine learning is the next wave of digital disruption


The triangular revolution in TV, sport and digital

Television, the world of sport and ICT are spurring each other on to do better


Why IBM is backing Spark

Dinesh Nirmal, VP of Big Data & Next Gen Analytics Platform Development at IBM, talks Spark & Watson.


Microsoft Excel errors dog important science research

The Microsoft Excel analytics story might finally have become important


Olympics 2016: Data, VR and the challenges of managing elite athletes

Samir Abid, CEO of Pace Insights talks about using data and VR to prepare elite athletes for the Olympics in Rio.


If AR or VR is the future, then Pokemon Go's game engine Unity is laughing

Game engine Unity Technologies has positioned itself nicely for the future of both VR and AR.


The next wave of disruption: Graph-based machine learning

We look at the pros and cons of machine learning and graph technology and how the two are now working together

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