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    Business Intelligence Software


IBM QRadar vs. Splunk: Which analytics platform is best for you?

This IT Central Station report compares real users’ feedback on IBM QRadar and Splunk


Why don't people use business intelligence software?

Enterprise data needs a catalog for us to understand it and make use of it


New generation gets benefit of friendlier business intelligence

Customers of companies like Birst, Tableau and Qlik are reaping the usability benefits of BI software


Alteryx warms up data blending for the new business intelligence

A Californian company is doing the dirty work for a new generation of BI tools


Shadow IT Threatens CIOs as Biz-Tech Relationship Changes

BYOD and consumerisation of IT are making firms handle technology management in a new way...


Mimecast's Next Trick: Unlocking Unstructured Data

Many pundits expect Peter Bauer to float Mimecast but his ambitions are bigger than that

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    Business Intelligence Software

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