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The mainframe and the cloud: friends, not enemies

The mainframe and the cloud: friends, not enemies

Why businesses are increasingly using both services in unison

Mark Shuttleworth's next mission: making private clouds affordable

Mark Shuttleworth's next mission: making private clouds affordable

Canonical/Ubuntu leader wants to make private clouds as economical as public clouds


Why are the world's cloud giants flocking to Northern Europe?

With Microsoft announcing plans for two new data centers Norway, the opening of Google’s first cloud platform region in Scandinavia, and Amazon’s upcoming data center...


Everything you need to know about… Cloud computing

Our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on cloud computing.


Toshiba has its eye on the wearables and edge computing space

Japanese giant Toshiba aims to provide a platform for making integration between the edge and the network easy.


The growth in Cloud doesn't mean the end of On-Prem

Morgan Stanley is suggesting IT hardware is about to get ‘a Second Life’, while mainframes still stick around.


What does hybrid cloud mean in practice?

Cloud providers and the big players in enterprise IT are pairing up to tempt organisations seeking a route to a hybrid future


AWS: Bigger than Diageo or BA… and with more to come

Amazon Web Services has an annual run-rate of over $18bn and is still growing in all directions


Why the retreat from the public cloud?

Dhiraj Sehgal from Tintri discusses why not everything belongs in the public cloud


How the cloud is being used to heat homes and swimming pools

Cloud&Heat, Qarnot, and Stimergy use distributed cloud computing to reuse waste heat.

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Cloud Computing

Beyond Boundaries – Limitless Innovation

This report looks at how businesses can drive innovation and digital transformation by utilizing Cloud technologies.

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Cloud Computing

Reinventing the Magic of Printing

This case study discusses how HP were able to design consumer-friendly mobile apps to personalize printing processes using Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Contact Centers And The Future of Customer Experience

This white paper looks at how organizations can develop a Cloud contact centre and the benefits that a Cloud enabled contact centre can offer businesses.

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Cloud Computing

The 5-Step Multi-Cloud Migration Framework

This white paper looks at the path businesses need to take to develop a secure and automated multi-Cloud environment.

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Cloud Computing

Embark on journey to cloud leveraging IBM’s multi-cloud migration approach

Let IBM help you define and enable a multi-cloud migration strategy to any environment, whether Amazon Web Services, Azure, IBM Cloud™ or other cloud providers....

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Cloud Computing

Soar to the Cloud Without Turbulence

This infographic looks at how businesses can collaborate with IBM to complete their Cloud journey.

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Cloud Computing

The rise of Public Cloud (French Language)

An exclusive report on Cloud architecture. It analyses how cloud technologies have become a mainstay and the benefits companies get when using cloud solutions to...

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Cloud Computing

How data gravity is pulling your analytics to the cloud

Data applications used to be hosted locally, on organizations' own premises. But a cloud-computing revolution has changed this default. Data is moving to the cloud...

Cloud Computing

Expertly Guided Cloud Migration

It’s a full-time job keeping up with advancements in cloud solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Claranet makes it its business to...

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Cloud Computing

Open, Container-Based Development Will Power Tomorrow’s Business-Critical Apps

This Forrester Consulting report explores Cloud development approaches, preferences, challenges, and benefits among development and IT leaders.

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